About Us


Startdesi is a young startup with a vision to revive and promote ancient Indian lifestyle and traditional foods which have generic or specific health benefits.  It is our endeavour to bring the most natural and best food to your dining table.

Of late we have lost touch and forgotten our grandma’s kitchen recipes, age old remedies and natural cures for common ailments. Our effort is to revive and restore these foods, recipes and remedies for ourselves and the generations to come.

As a first step we started “forgotten foods” offering raw millet grains and flours, later we rolled out the ready to cook or Instant millet food range to make it easier for all to consume millets. final-01

Recently we launched “Indus Delites” catering to the ready to cook or instant food range using rice, wheat and pohas


Our Philosophy:

Naturally Farmed
All our products are sourced from traditional farmers using age old techniques of natural farming to produce one of the finest grains. The grains are then cleaned and processed using modern machinery to give you the best and premium quality produce.

The seeds are well preserved and transferred from generation to generation without human modification of any kind. Over millennia the seeds have naturally developed tremendous immunity towards pests and diseases.

Body, Earth and Farmer Friendly Products
All our products are made using 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives, no raising agents, no emulsifiers, no acidity regulators hence it is very healthy for your body. Since it is grown naturally it causes no burden for mother earth and the farmer’s land.

Fair Trade
Our associates have real, face-to-face relationships with farmers who respect the environment and fair labour practices. They provide us with the best naturally grown millets, and we pay them prices significantly higher than the market prices.

Quality is our top priority and we follow strict process with specific check points in sourcing, packing & transportation. All our products are checked for physical quality standards as well as cooking quality standards. From farm to store, we do things differently. We do things better