Kodo Millet Neer Dosa


Kodo/Aarka/Arikelu is very rich in dietary fibre and protein in addition to all the general millet characteristics (gluten-free, low glycemic index, high fibre, etc). It has a high antioxidant content and it is highly beneficial for diabetes patients.


Kodo Millet/Aarka Neer Dosa 

Course — Breakfast
Cuisine — South Indian
Servings — 4
Prep Time — 30 minutes
Cook Time — 5 minutes


1 cup Kodo Millet Rice
1 tbsp Tamarind Pulp
2 tbsp Coriander Seeds
1/4 cup Grated Coconut Preferably fresh
3 Dried Red Chillis
1/4 cup Powdered Jaggery
Oil/Butter/Desi Cow Ghee




Soak the Kodo millet rice overnight.
Drain the water and grind the Kodo millet along with all the other ingredients.

Add water to the mixture to make a thin batter (it should be the consistency of a soup).
Place a dosa tawa on the stove and grease with oil. Heat till the tawa becomes slightly smoky.
Pour the batter with a ladle and spread it across the tawa.

dd a few drops of oil on the poured batter.
Once the dosa turns slightly brownish (it will take about 1 minute), remove the dosa with the help of a spatula.
Serve hot with ghee and chutney




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